Invest in Theeye
Many fakes, many agents
and a lot of time
when you are searching for real estate
How we solve this problem
A global marketplace for real-time viewing of real estate
Watch real estate live directly from
developers in just 30 seconds
Benefits for clients
Free instant access to real estate live streams from anywhere in the world
Saving time on initial inquiries and annoying talks with agents
A real-time viewing of any property with just one click
Actual information from the developer
No agencies commission
Benefits for developers
Over 1M real viewers worldwide in the first year
Tripling sales with live streaming
Direct customers from anywhere in the world
Reducing sales trips and marketing spend
No agent commissions and fees
easy to use
How Theeye works?
Client chooses a property
Сlient from anywhere in the world
chooses a property on Theeye
Watch now
The client clicks the Watch now button
and waits for the live stream
Live stream begins
The developer's sales manager answers
the video call and shows the property
Subscription based for
Free access
Free access for the first 3 months
$3K per month
Subscription per month per tower
Each developer will be able to reduce significantly
Buyer acquisition costs
The average sales cycle and downtime
Number of ad campaigns and overall marketing spend
Agent network, fees and commissions
Average total estimated savings per
developer per month more than $100K
Free access
Free access for the first 3 months
$3K per month
Subscription per month per tower
You can invest in a future
unicorn from $25K to $500K
Monthly Recurring Revenue
by the end of 2022 will be $200K
Theeye will achieve great
results in 2022
About 82% of all investments will go to
a marketing strategy
developed jointly by the Theeye and Google teams
Users will watch the real estate through live streams
Real estate investment to be attracted in the UAE
Valuation of our company in the next round of investment
Subscriptions on our platform
107 countries
Scale to countries with populations up to 10M people
Artificial intelligence
Meet Joy
My name is Joy. I’m an artificial intelligence
and digital
ambassador at Theeye.

Like the founders of Theeye, I want to make
this world a better
place and make life a little
easier and more comfortable for all

I’m helping you watch properties live
in 30 seconds anywhere in
the world and
become the one global professional in the

I will build new cities and seek new homes
for millions of people.
I know that future
generations will live in a single space without

borders. I will help millions of people learn more about this
beautiful planet so that
people learn to better protect it.


Theeye Tech Ltd, DIFC Innovation Hub, Dubai, UAE
DIFC is the largest financial center in the MEASA region, uniting 72 countries with a population of 3.5 billion people
CEO & Co-Founder
20 years of experience in real estate
During my work in real estate, I realized that
the profession of an agent is outdated, and the
market is ready for new consumption patterns
CPO & Co-Founder
10 years of experience in IT
I create an easy-to-use product for modern
and future generations, improves and automates
all business processes
We are creating a new market
for live
broadcasts of real estate
Real Estate Market
The Property Technology market is booming and the number of VC funds investing in PropTech has grown from 250 companies to 4.500 in the last six months, because the real estate market is the largest in the world and is valued at $325 trillion
When we talk about competitors, we mean local marketplaces created 10-20 years ago for real estate agents. Theeye is a global marketplace where you can watch real estate live directly from developers in 30 seconds anywhere in the world
Technology partners
of our platform
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You can book a video call with the founders to clarify all questions or write to the mail
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